Are you thinking of having a career in the medical field? If yes, why not choose a career in Obstetrics? There are many substantial reasons why you should choose to have a career in Obstetrics such as work satisfaction, flexible timings, better pay and versatility.

The Career Is Rewarding

Medical professional includes dealing with death and at times it is taxing to constantly worry about the possibility of a patient dying. Being a cardiologist, surgeon or (other specialists) the chances of having a patient die while you are operating is at times 50/50. An obstetrician is a professional who delivers babies and helps bring new life to the world.

This responsibility is very rewarding especially if assisting a couple who waited to conceive for a long time. There is still a possibility of death in Obstetrics and at times it seems to be more heartbreaking since the patient is a baby that you cared for from the very beginning. But the happiness you would be able to share with the new parents is incomparable.

The Career Offers Flexibility

Obstetrician have several options, working in a hospital, put up a private practice or be an academic. If an obstetrician work in a hospital, the number of clinic session varies or if there is a required number of patients to meet within the week but most obstetrician only works 4 days a week, punching in between 40-60 hours compared to before where they have to work for 100-120 hours per week.

For those who put up their private practice, the choice is certainly up to them though typically they still have hospital patients and are on call for once a week or once or twice a month. On other days, they see their other clients in their own clinic. Academics on the other hand have classes to teach and administrative duties, research and at the same time still hold clinic sessions and have the flexibility to work part time or full time.

The Career Pays Higher Than The Average Salary

Almost any career in the medical profession pays lucratively. There is also a shortage of specialized obstetrician melbourne. So for hospitals to have a resident obstetrician, they are willing to pay more. It takes 12 years for someone to study Obstetrics and an additional of two to four more years of subspecialty study. Those with sub specialization earn more. A survey in 2011 concluded that out of 25 medical fields, an obstetrician ranked 16th when it comes to paying.

The Career Is Versatile

Since a career in obstetrics is flexible, no two days is also the same. There is no typical day since today the schedule might be for normal deliveries, tomorrow there could be an obstetric emergency. Dealing with infertility is also included in an obstetric schedule as well as routine exams.

There are many reasons why a career in Obstetrics is the right choice for you. If you are sociable, open, persistent, cooperative and do not have any qualm regarding demanding and difficult work, consider this career for you already have some of the qualities that makes for a good obstetrician.