What does the term commercial kitchen really mean? It can be a restaurant, hotel or any sort of kitchen that makes food in large quantities for various people. These kitchens are usually equipped with a number of appliances that produce mass number of items in a shorter time period.Bakeries are an ideal example of a commercial kitchen that produces different kinds of food in multiple batches. So, in order for these operations to be successful what items do they need to function?


As mentioned, a bakery is one of the types of commercial kitchens that will need ovens. These are not your average size home ovens but large industrial ones that can fit at least 20 to 25 items if not more. They are usually gas powered and are set in a neat tall stricture.

The trays or utensils used for these ovens are too large and are properly insulated. They cannot be bought at a normal store and neither can the ovens. There are however suppliers that manufacture and install this equipment and are professionals for equipment in commercial kitchens.


Food processors

Common to almost any type of commercial kitchen are food processors. If you cook often then you may know how many items go into a food processor daily for various preparations. So just imagine in a restaurant the quantity of food that will need to get processed for different dishes.

A commercial kitchen may have around 3 to 4 food processors depending on the size and type of kitchen. A restaurant or hotel who serve large amounts of people will be able to hold even more pieces of such equipment.


Imagine all the different types of equipment. Cutlery and crockery that is washed daily? A dishwasher is not only a must have but a mandatory piece of equipment that is needed in any kitchen. Since it is used often there is the possibility that it may need servicing every so often. So, if you are looking for quality commercial dishwasher service there are quite a few companies in the state that provide the service.

Food prep and cutting boards

A large amount of space is required for preparation of food and counter boards. While this is not a type of equipment exactly it needs to be designed into the space when being created. Cutting boards and food prep need to be close to where the cookers are and also in close proximity to the dishwasher to ensure there is effectivity and efficiency in the kitchen. The layouts are usually designed by chefs who are quire rehearsed in the process and have sufficient experience with how an efficient kitchen should run.

Industrial freezers

Much needed refrigerators and freezers are quite common in all types of kitchens. Here large amounts of items can be stored at once and kept for a long period of time as it is stored in very low temperatures to prevent spoilage.

These are some of the vital items that every commercial kitchen should have.