We all know the beloved whipping cream cans that just directly spray the foam out, this is one of the most used ingredients in puddings, cakes and desserts not just as a topping but also as something that binds together other mixtures.

There are many brands and forms that whipping cream comes in, while some of them are actually quite sweet the kind you use as a topping the others can have a slightly sour taste which enables them to be mixed into the batter of a recipe. So, what exactly can whip cream be used in? no it does not simply just stick to sweets and desserts.

Silky scrambled eggs

Have you ever been to a hotel of even watched a TV cooking show and just seen scrambled eggs that almost look like silk? So how come the eggs you make at home don’t look anything of the sort? The secret to that smooth silkiness is of course whipping cream.

The unflavoured cream can be folded into the whisked eggs just before being popped into the pan. You will have to whip the cream until it creates soft peaks. Fold it in to the mixed eggs and watch as it cooks to perfection. You can also add in the salt and pepper for additional taste or simply spread it over bread and enjoy.

Coffee, hot chocolate and any hot beverage

The secret to a sweet sensation as you take a sip of your hot chocolate is the whipping cream delicately laid on top of the liquid. This makes it easier to draw on the patterns that coffee chops love to add and it improves the taste and texture of the liquid. If it is a cold beverage then the whipped cream can be directly taken from the cream charger, a machine that helps dispense the whipped cream. The secret behind them is nangs. These are small cylinders of nitrous oxide that help the cream appear whipped and smooth.


Drinking a warm thick soup on a winter day is one of the best feelings ever, right? But how does it come so thick and smooth to the taste? Once again whipping cream saves the day on this recipe too. Whisked cream can be added in to the soup mixture and folded in before it is served. It is usually added in last so the thickness remains. It is ideal for tomato or corn soups that need to have a thicker density to be enjoyed.


Key lime pies and even banoffee pies use whipped cream as its main ingredient. It helps combine the condensed milk and give a thicker texture. For this type of dessert, you will have to use a sweet whipping cream to make sure the pudding stays sweet. There are plenty of brands that you can choose from. Once this is popped in the oven all the liquids bind together to give you a smooth luxurious combination that is delicious.