Mental health problems are very prevalent among the population in this day and age. It is not only a problem among the young but also the middle age and the elderly. Mental health problems can cause marked deterioration in the quality of life. When it is too severe, it can be associated with mortality.

If you have known a person who has suffered from mental health problems, you might feel more inclined to explore this subject. But it is also a very interesting subject that will not only give you job satisfaction of helping someone else but help you in understanding your mind and how to deal with life. If you aspire to become a psychologist, here is how you can become one.

It Can Start at School

If you have made a very early-on decision to become a psychologist one day, then you can start preparing for it from the school itself. If you have the option of choosing your advanced level subjects, then choose science-oriented subjects like sociology, psychology, behavioural studies and languages. These could be very helpful in establishing the basis of your knowledge. These could also be plus points when entering into your undergraduate degree in psychology, which is your next step. This would be the beginning of your university education.

Gain Experience While in University

You will be able to make time to do extra work during your university time, which you must use to improve the prospects of your career. Volunteering at a mental health clinic, helping out caring for handicapped children, assisting an academic with a research project are excellent options for areas that you should get involved in to add to your resume. It would make up for a very attractive resume, not to mention of course the value of the experience and knowledge you would gather from it. But make sure you don’t slack on your academic work. Attend clinical psychology workshops in Melbourne to increase your knowledge.

Choosing A Specialty

Once you get your basic bachelor’s degree, you will understand that there are many fields of psychology that you can choose to specialize in. According to your preference and goals of career, you can choose what you think is best for you. You can choose if you would like to become a clinical psychologist, where you will be interacting with patients. You can also go into research, where one-on-one interaction with patients is less but you will become instrumental in new theories and treatment modalities for conditions.

Once you choose such a field, you can start your graduate degree which will last a few years. You can go on to even completing a doctorate as well. During this time, you will be able to work part-time. However, after the graduate degree, you can apply for a full-time job in field you prefer. It is important that you also do the proper licensing exams about your area in order to practice as a clinical psychologist.

Becoming a psychologist can be a very fulfilling job prospect, which you must aspire to become if you have any interest in it.