Alcoholics who seek treatments to cure them of their alcoholism go through various treatment options: Detoxification, Counseling and Therapy and Medication. Not all would be required to go through all these treatments or with some; treatments would be longer than others.

The most important thing that each and every patient should have is the support of their family and friends to help them overcome their addiction. During these times, the understanding, care and comfort of the people around them would encourage them to complete the treatments and avoid falling off the wagon.


This treatment is usually the first step recommended for people suffering from alcohol dependence. Their body must be cleansed of any traces of alcohol to avoid alcohol poisoning which could lead to death and for the body to be used to the absence of alcohol. Similar to drug addiction, the patient would likely exhibit physical withdrawal symptoms such as hallucinations, tremors and seizures. Detoxification usually lasts days and in some more severe cases, weeks. Being under the care of one of the qualified alcohol rehab retreat in Melbourne would help in overcoming these symptoms.

Counseling and Therapy

Undergoing counseling and therapy is as crucial as detoxifying the body of the substance because talking to a professional could help the patient determines why they turn to alcohol. Perhaps there is a problem that they deem impossible to be resolved that’s why they drink their sorrows away. Or perhaps they are experiencing depression without them knowing that only by drinking bottles after bottles; they achieve the calm and serenity that their minds desperately seek.

If detoxification is cleansing the body, counseling and therapy are cleansing the mind and soul of the patient to make them realize that alcohol is not the answer to whatever problem they are facing. Talking to a medical professional could also help the patient see what the alcohol is doing to their physical body and how their health is deteriorating with every sip. Some of the complications include cancer of the liver, heart problems, gastritis, dementia and with men, erectile dysfunction.


It might be surprising to others that helping overcome addiction to alcohol could also be treated with prescribed medication. Although the pills could not magically treat the patients, it helps make drinking alcohol unbearable to the point that the patients themselves would stop drinking on their own accord, making quitting easier. The effect of these medications such as naltrexone prevents the patient’s brain from getting that inebriated feeling while disulfiram will make the patient throw up if they congest any amount of alcohol, kind of being constantly hungover without experiencing the tipsy and euphoric feeling. Acamprosate is also prescribed to help curb the desire and the craving to drink.

There is no instant and or definite cure to alcoholism since it would really depend on the patient. Wanting to get better and being committed to the treatments is necessary since the process is long and demanding. The love and support from friends and family members is imperative, as well as help in financial matters since the treatment would be costly.